Not All Bath Toys Are Equal

Bath Toys

Bath Toys

5 Tips to keep in mind when shopping for bath toys.

Going tо thе store іn search оf thе perfect bath toy fоr уоur child іѕ nоt аѕ simple аѕ іt wоuld ѕееm. Yоu mау fіnd уоurѕеlf іn thе midst оf tоо mаnу choices leaving уоu confused аnd wondering whісh ones wоuld bе thе mоѕt appropriate tо gеt fоr уоur child.

Bath toys just like аnу normal toy require careful thought аnd consideration frоm thе parents bеfоrе purchase. Follow thеѕе tips аnd making уоur selection wіll bе a little bit easier.

Durability: Look fоr bath toys thаt аrе mаdе оf durable materials thаt wіll nоt easily wear оut еvеn thоugh frequently thrown аrоund оr squeezed hard.

Safety: Opt fоr bath toys thаt аrе mаdе оf cloth, rubber, оr soft materials thаt wіll nоt hurt уоur child іf hе accidentally hits himself wіth іt. Check tо make sure thаt thе toy does nоt hаvе sharp оr pointy edges, small parts thаt саn fit easily іn уоur child's mouth оr parts thаt саn соmе loose like little sewn buttons. Make sure thаt іt does nоt hаvе аnу parts thаt саn rust ѕіnсе bath toys wіll spend a lot оf tіmе іn thе water. Lаѕt but nоt lеаѕt, еаѕе оf cleaning ѕhоuld bе considered.

Educational Value: Choose toys thаt аrе nоt оnlу fun tо play wіth but аlѕо stimulate уоur child's mind. Gіvе hіm a bath puppet tо encourage imaginative pretend play аnd positive interaction оr gіvе hіm a multi-colored wash glove tо improve hіѕ visual perception аnd color discrimination. Alwауѕ remember thаt еvеrу single minute оf уоur child's day holds a possibility fоr learning аnd mind enriching activities, thіѕ аlѕо includes bath tіmе.

Attention Span: Of course, a bath toy thаt wіll hold thеіr attention fоr a fеw seconds іѕ obviously nоt a good buy. Select toys thаt аrе fun fоr уоur kid tо play wіth аnd thаt hаvе features оr activities thаt wіll captivate thеіr attention fоr thе duration оf thе bath аnd еvеn fоr thе days tо соmе. It іѕ аlѕо smart tо alternate different sets оf bath toys everyday ѕо thаt уоur child іѕ nоt easily bored wіth thеm.

Budget: Don't gо fоr toys thаt wіll hurt уоur pockets оr thоѕе extremely cheap ones thаt ѕееm tоо good tо bе true but аrе іn reality just poorly constructed. Gо fоr toys thаt hаvе reasonable аnd affordable prices but аrе guaranteed tо bе mаdе оf thе highest standards оf safety аnd quality tо ensure thаt уоu оnlу gеt thе best fоr уоur child.

Evеn thоugh thе wide selection оf bath toys mау make іt harder fоr уоu tо make уоur choice, wіth thеѕе simple tips, thе right kinds оf bath toys аrе nоt hard tо fіnd.

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Simple Toys vs. Imagination

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Are Simple Toys Better for Your Child's Imagination?

There is a growing movement that advocates for the use of more simple, basic toys in a child's play. The argument suggests that simple toys help to stimulate a child's imagination more effectively than more modern, themed or complex toys do. An active imagination is something that every child should have and so we should always look to foster that imagination where possible. With that in mind, should we be encouraging our children to play with simpler toys?

While supporters of simple toys argue that, by definition, their simplicity demands a more imaginative style of play, it is important to note that a child's imagination is not always at the same level of capabilities. For example, a very young child can use their imagination, but to do so they will require more accurate, physical props to help stimulate their minds. In the absence of these props, they can lack the mental creativity to believe in and subsequently engage with their imagined world.

This would suggest that while simpler toys have a big role to play in stimulating our children's imaginations, it is important that very young children are provided with the tools in order to cultivate that imagination from a young age. Older children are more capable of taking a simple toy and using their imagination to create something far more exciting and engaging for play time.

However, there is one major oversight that many people tend to overlook when considering this argument, and that is the number of toys available to a child. Consider a child who has extremely modern and complex toys. These toys are expensive, and as such parents that can afford them can also afford to buy more toys than is needed. As such, children with more complex toys tend to have a greater range of toys available to play with.

This is a crucial factor. Often, the stimulus to engage in imaginative play is not the simplicity of the toy to hand, but rather the scarcity of toys that are available to a child. If a child has a toy room full of toys, it won't matter whether they are simple or complex. The child's attention will ultimately be attracted by a different toy, and the need for imaginative play is lost. This, more than any other factor, is one of the biggest hurdles that we must overcome. Our children do not need access to every single toy that they want. A smaller selection of toys, simple or complex, will encourage children to use their imagination and be more creative in their play.

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LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set Review

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

Company: LeapFrog
Brand: LeapFrog Enterprises

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set was listed on Amazon for $19.99 USD brand new.

LeapFrog toys are always a huge hit with kids, but also with parents. The winning combination of engaging interactive toys that are also educational makes them the perfect gift for any holiday season.

To teach phonic skills to kids at a young age, one of the options for the perfect toy is the LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set. Designed specifically for kids who are aged 2 and above, this will help in learning the alphabet in a way that is fun. The challenge in making kids learn something is to make it entertaining. This toy solves that problem as it is integrated with fun music and sounds that kids are sure to love.

Key Features of the LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

  • Magnetic bus and 26 letter tiles included
  • Bus plays three different songs
  • Teaches the alphabet, phonics and early vocabulary
  • Enhances fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Requires 3 ‘AAA' batteries (Included)
  • Recommended age 24 months – 5 years

What Makes the LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set a Great Purchase?

Fridge Phonics helps children learn about the alphabet, vocabulary and phonics, all while keeping kids enjoying the time spent with the interactive toy. The magnetic bus and 26 letter tiles are included. One nice bonus for this toy is that kids can either use it on their own, or with a parent. The manufacturer recommended age for this letter set is ages 24 months to 5 years. Any child in this age group will benefit from having this toy because it will assist them in developing important skills necessary for reading and writing.

Children can pick up a tile and put it in the bus. When the tile is pressed, the popular LeapFrog character, Tad, will say the letter's name and sound. If it is a vowel, Tad will say both the long and short sounds for each. By using these tiles, kids are able to build a strong connection between the letter's name, the shape and its unique sound.

A second press of the tile will make Tad say a word that starts with the letter being pressed. Tad will then use the word in a sentence. Kids will begin to easily associate the letters with words and will increase their vocabulary effortlessly! Speaking and being understood is a great confidence builder for children and the magnetic bus will assist in helping kids develop their vocabulary and phonetics.

Along with using the tiles for word recognition, kids will also get a boost with their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination when using them. The magnetic tiles can be spread out along the refrigerator or other magnetic surface and kids can move them around to make words of their own.

Batteries are used for the Fridge Phonics Set, but they are included. Keep stocked up and your child won't need to suspend his or her learning for a second. If you have rechargeable batteries, these are even better as they are a greener option and also less expensive over the long haul.

The bus plays three different songs that children can sing and dance to. The songs include the well-known “Wheels on the Bus” and the “Alphabet Song”. All will help capture the imagination of kids and assist in teaching letters and words.

Parents will surely appreciate being able to control how loud the toy is. There are two volume settings (low and high). In all, this is a toy that will appeal to the entire family!

5 stars(Read Reviews)

Battery-Operated Toy: Do not use old and new batteries together. Do not mix alkaline, carbon-zinc, nickel-cadmium (rechargeable) or LiPo Lithium Polymer (rechargeable) batteries.

Suggested Retail Price: The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for this item is $19.99!

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Toddlers

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4 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Toddlers

When it comes to buying holiday gifts for children, there are few more rewarding ages to be buying for than toddlers. Toddlers are full of energy, full of enthusiasm and full of curiosity. They will welcome any toy and give it a chance, but if it doesn't engage with them then it will quickly be discarded!

When buying gifts for toddlers, it's important to remember that toddlers are at an age whereby they want to push their limits. They are exploring the world around them, and exploring their own capabilities. If you cater to this need for exploration, you will never go far wrong with your holiday gifts! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Ride Ons

The joy of a ride on toy is that, despite what stage of development a toddler is at, it can still offer tremendous fun and rewarding playtime. When considering a ride on toy, you should always look for one that is well balanced and sturdy. Consider the interests of the toddler and try and choose an appropriate style of ride on toy. If in doubt, go for something with a trailer or a space under the seat for storing other toys.


When considering gift ideas, no matter what age of child or what time of year, books are never a bad idea. A love of reading needs to be cultivated at a young age, and by offering engaging and fun stories to toddlers, you can instill within them a love of books. Always consider whether the book you are buying is age appropriate. If it's too simple, the child won't be challenged. If it's too difficult, the child will not be interested.

Arts & Crafts

Toddlers are explorers, and anything that allows them to be creative is always a good idea. Arts & crafts don't have to be expensive or particularly distinctive – a coloring book and a box of crayons would suffice. The idea is to encourage the toddler to use their imagination and be creative with their play. Older toddlers might be able to handle more advanced toys or projects, but for young toddlers, something as simple as finger painting can be a wonderfully positive experience.


The world is one big puzzle to a toddler, so it's no surprise that puzzles should be considered a suitable holiday gift. Puzzles help children learn for themselves, and encourage various skills from critical thinking to hand eye co-ordination. Children enjoy puzzles once they have a chance at working out the solution, so always make sure you aren't making the task too difficult, but aside from that, the more puzzles the better!

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My Little Pony Pop Rainbow Dash Starter Kit

My Little Pony Pop Rainbow Dash Starter Kit

My Little Pony Pop Rainbow Dash Starter Kit

Company: Hasbro
Brand: My Little Pony

My Little Pony Pop Rainbow Dash Starter Kit was listed on Amazon for $7.99 USD brand new.

My Little Pony figures are so cute and popular that it may be difficult to choose just one. That's what makes the My Little Pony Pop Starter Kit such a great gift. My Little Pony Pop lets your child use her imagination to create outfits, hairstyles, cutie marks and wings just as she wants them.

The My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Kit contains a pony body hair, wings, stickers and, of course, the tail. You can mix and match by purchasing another kit like the Applejack and let her create a personalized AppleDash.

With My Little Pony, Hasbro has bridged a gap between having a real pony and one that your child can love and play with even more than she could with a real pony.

She'll have fun snapping together the pony and even more fun decorating the pony with accessories such as hair, tail and stickers. Mix and match from parts of other ponies and keep her busy designing and playing.

She can create a unique and beautiful pony of her very own design. Other toys from Hasbro include the [popup_product]My Little Pony Pop Princess Twilight Sparkle Starter Kit[/popup_product], the My Little Pony Pop Fluttershy Starter Kit and the [popup_product]My Little Pony Pop Pinkie Pie Starter Kit[/popup_product].

They each put a unique spin on the My Little Pony collection. You may also want to consider the [popup_product]My Little Pony Compatible Organizer Strawberry/Pink[/popup_product] so she can keep all of the accessories organized and ready for play.

It's designed to hang so she can see them at a glance. Have a sleepover with your little girl's friends or send her to a friend's sleepover with the My Little Pony Girls Sleepover Set, which includes a sleeping bag and pillow.

She'll feel so sophisticated with the grown-up paraphernalia. Check out the plush toys and other accessories that can keep your girl busy and delighted. Most of the My Little Pony toys are for ages 4 and older, but many are great for even younger kids.

When the holiday season rolls around, My Little Pony toys make great gifts for parents and grandparents or anyone who has a little girl with a passion for ponies. All Hasbro toys are made for sturdiness and lasting qualities and the “ponies” are small enough to take on trips or to cuddle at night.

View all Customer Reviews

Choking Hazard – small parts. Not for children under 3 years old!

My Little Pony Pop Rainbow Dash Starter Kit

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